Where will the “young” crowd go now that Facebook is attracting an “older” generation of users? Will they bolt for a hipper social networking site; one where adults aren’t allowed?

New research indicates that users of Facebook, which once only allowed college students to join, are getting much older. And, at a very fast rate.

Analytics company iStrategyLabs has examined the demographics stats from Facebook’s Social Ads platform. According to the study, the overall number of users between 18 and 24 years of age has grown only 4.8% between the fourth of January and the fourth of July of 2009.

In comparison, the number of users aged 25 – 34 has grown 60.8%; the number of users aged 35 to 54 has grown 190.2%, while the number of users older than 55 years has grown a tremendous 513.7%.

The growing crowd of older users means that the majority of Facebook members are now over age 25!

Some say Facebook appears to be catering more to families as all ages become drawn into the social network. There’s also a growing trend of moms joining Facebook. I’m sure you’ve come across all those pictures of your friends’ kids. Recently, I even noticed a sonogram photo that a “friend” had posted (That was a bit much.)

“I can’t tell you how many friends of mine have complained about their mothers registering in the past couple weeks,” wrote AllFacebook’s Nick O’Neill.

Let’s just hope we don’t start seeing diaper ads on Facebook.


The “older” face of Facebook
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