As the quieter summer months take hold, with another academic year behind us, this is the perfect time for reflection. Looking back at what was accomplished always seems to put the daily grind into perspective. One of the great joys of this past semester was teaching budding journalists at Syracuse University’s Newhouse School and Utica College. The semester, for the students and the professor, often starts out with a level of uncertainty and excitement.
As the semester unfolds, it is always a thrill to see students grasp the concepts that I drill home over and over again. That ‘aha’ moment. In my broadcast and digital reporting class, students turned one-minute live reports. Then, as a class, we review each live shot. For some, this is a nerve-wracking experience, especially in the beginning of the semester. Then, it clicks. I glance over at students as they watch their own reports. There’s a sense of accomplishment. A feeling of, “wow, is that really me?” For many, it’s difficult to believe they are on the screen–they are the reporter. Here’s to the end of a great semester, and I’m looking forward to seeing where their dreams take them.

Students and ‘aha’ moments

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