Now that Walter Cronkite is gone, is there another news anchor who might be worthy of the being called “The Most Trusted Man in America.”

Brian Williams? Matt Lauer? Charles Gibson? Nope!

Think Jon Stewart. Stewart’s show that mocks traditional newscasts and how stories are reported has attracted a huge following since its debut nine years ago.

Now, The Daily Show‘s Stewart has been selected, in an online poll conducted by Time Magazine, as America’s Most Trusted Newscaster, post-Cronkite. Matched up against Williams, Katie Couric and Gibson, Stewart prevailed with 44 percent of the vote.

So what does it say about the current state of TV news that the most trusted anchor is a comedian?

Stewart proves every night that he’s one of the few journalists willing to ask the hard questions and call politicians in their BS. When it comes to exposing hypocrisy, holding politicians accountable, and getting at the core truths behind the spin, there is no better source than The Daily Show.

To view the results, click here.

Is Jon Stewart the most trusted anchor?
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