It’s difficult to remember life before the Internet. Well, I actually got a taste of it every time I went over to my parents’ house. You see, until I recently took action, it was a non-wired zone. Yes, not be able to log-on caused great pain for me.

The installation of a wireless router catapulted my parents into the digital age. Actually that would be an overstatement. After attempting to teach my mother how to use the Internet, I see that it is difficult to teach old dogs new tricks. I set up a g-mail account for her, but the inbox has remained unchecked. Skype to connect with her ten children across the country?! Forget about it.

However, she has grown accustomed to perusing the all-important recipe and clothing sites. And, now I even find her scribbling down web addresses she hears on television. Bravo. A step in the right direction. Just think, Facebook might be right around the corner for her.

Catching up with the times
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