For all of those Twitter naysayers (you know who you are), let’s not underestimate the purpose or power of the microblog. Taking a look at what’s happening right now in Iran might just change your mind and make you a Twitter believer.

Following Friday’s Iranian presidential elections, Twitter has become one the most important tools for information. During the current crackdown on Iranian media, folks around the world are using Twitter to follow the hour-by-hour details of the political dissent in that country. Political dissent that is not only taking place in the streets, but also online.

As protestors struggle to get news out of a country that has tried to crackdown on anti-establishment voices, they are giving the world a glimpse of the turmoil in their country by making posts to Twitter sites. In fact, someone in Iran named “persiankiwi” has attracted over 20,000 followers. Check out their Twitter page, and you’ll get a fascinating glimpse at the events unfolding in Iran.

The U.S. State Department, citing that it would be in the best interest of Iranians, even asked Twitter to postpone Monday’s planned maintenance shutdown. A State Department official said the U.S. wanted to highlight “Twitter’s role as an important means of communication — not with us — but horizontally in Iran.”

So, are you a believer now?

Twitter emerges as important tool during Iranian media crackdown
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