It’s truly amazing how the Internet has created a powerful avenue for people around the block or around the world to connect, allowing them to share their passions and common interests. I want to share with you one of the thousands of examples of the Internet’s power to connect people.

Maureen Green, a longtime news anchor at WTVH-TV here in Syracuse, started her own blog earlier this year. Mo had left the news business a little more than a year prior and used her blog as an outlet to share her wonderful writings, whether they be about her family’s magical voyages to Cape Cod or her directives for a better life. Reading Mo’s blog, it is clear that she truly enjoys sharing her thoughts. It’s not about the number of followers or getting the most attention out of what she writes.

Her blog remained relatively unknown until March. The heartbreaking announcement that WTVH-TV (the place where I once worked and that I credit with launching my communications career), Syracuse’s first TV station, would close for good after decades of being a staple in the central New York community thrust Mo’s blog into many peoples’ favorites list. The closure was felt by generations of ‘TVH staffers and viewers; a small piece of them had died that day.

At that moment, Mo’s blog became a sounding board for former colleague and viewers. This virtual living room of sorts soon attracted dozens and dozens of comments, from Mike Tirico at ESPN and David Muir at ABC News to longtime producer Lou Gulino and those who interned at the station. Mo’s blog even drew headlines in the Syracuse Post-Standard, attracting even more folks to her site. For weeks, the stirring memories of the now empty halls of ‘TVH kept coming in.

I use this as an example to show how the Internet can provide an outlet that otherwise might not have been there for people. So, get bloggin’! You never know where it may lead you.

The power of blogs in connecting people
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