Le Marche — one of the most breathtaking regions of Italy — served as the location for 40 American journalism students learning how to be foreign correspondents. During the four-week course, based in Urbino, Italy, the budding journalists worked in the field with students from the Università di Urbino who served as interpreters.

Seven Ithaca College journalism students took part in the course, which I was fortunate enough to co-teach. Our Ithaca team also had the opportunity to meet with journalism students from the Università di Urbino to discuss approaches to journalism in both the United States and Italy. You can read about our visit, in an article written by an Italian student: Studiare giornalismo in Italia e negli Stati Uniti: senza differenze, in nome di una buona storia da raccontare. (You’ll have to brush up on your Italian!)

The Ithaca students covered multiple angles of two different stories: how agritourism is helping the financially-troubled Italian countryside, and the impact of earthquakes on Le Marche. In fact, we traveled to Camerino, a town hit hard by last year’s earthquakes. We were allowed in the zona rossa, or red zone, which, due to damage, is closed indefinitely to residents.

Read all the students’ stories on the 2017 Urbino Project website and the 2018 Urbino Project website. Below are the stories from Ithaca students.


Reporting from Italy

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