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Students in my mobile and social media journalism course at Ithaca College are experimenting with Google Glass. Teams of students developed ideas for Google Glass apps and explored ways in which Glass could be used to produce content.

Launched last year, Glass is basically a small, wearable computer. Right now, the only way to purchase Glass is through an invite from Google. About a dozen faculty and staff members at IC were invited to be beta testers, known as Glass Explorers. I’m one of them!

Student Google Glass Ideas

Glassivism — Use Google Glass to document activism from the point-of-view of a participant. The first-person perspective of a rally or protest can be used to complement a new outlets coverage. Glass can capture images and natural sound that otherwise may go unnoticed by journalists.

GlobalGlass: Know the Places You Go — Use this Glass app to recognize sites in front of you while you travel. Photo recognition and GPS will match landmarks, restaurants, and other sites and give the user reviews and information about what they are looking at.

Spectable App: Share Reviews with Other Users — This app for Google Glass will take consumer reports to the next level. Spectacle allows any user to self-report their experience at a store, restaurant, or any other service provider, as well as review products they purchase. This information can then be displayed to other users to help them decide what to try or buy.

Looking Through Their Eyes: Life on Tour — Have you ever wondered what a day in the life of your favorite musician is like? With Google Glass, we’re giving you the power to find out. By taking Google Glass in the tour bus, onstage and backstage, you get an inside look at what it’s like to be in their shoes.

Through the Eyes of ROTC Students — Give viewers an inside, first-person view of the ROTC training process by putting Glass on the cadets. A news outlet can get a look at the ROTC students’ views and experiences, as well as see how long and how far they run in a typical day.

Ride-along with Glass — Less obvious, less cumbersome, less obnoxious. Google Glass could be used for stories in which journalists conduct ride-alongs with police or other officials. (New version of the show Cops!)

A View Through Google Glass

Ithaca Journalism Students Experiment with Google Glass

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