Fake News: What’s Real Deal?

Too good to be true? Ever mistakenly share a story that was a hoax? Social media has been filled with fake news this election season. The increase in the number of fake news stories, sites dedicated to them, and the sharing of this content were the focus of several recent BBC News stories. The production of fake news has become [&hellip

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Study Reveals Social Media’s Impact on Newsroom Editorial Decisions

Popular, or trending, topics and content on social media play a significant role in local television newsrooms decisions about which stories to cover. That’s the finding from my latest research, Forces at the Gate: Social Media’s Influence on Editorial and Production Decisions in Local Television Newsrooms, published in the Electronic News journal. This nationwide survey of news directors at network affiliate television stations explores [&hellip

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A New Generation of “Fierce Fact Checkers”

Josh Sterns, who directs the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation’s journalism sustainability project, recently asked me to share my thoughts on teaching students how to verify social media content. In the article, How Journalism Schools Can Train a New Generation of Fierce Fact Checkers, Sterns discusses how verification of user-generated content and other social media skills are critical to be successful in journalism today, but [&hellip

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